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How much do you get paid? How does it compare to the people you work with? You should know, and so should they. Here at KitnaDetiHai we question our cultural assumptions around keeping salaries secret and makes a compelling case for why sharing them could benefit employees, organizations and society.

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Vinod Chandrashekar


Product & Data Science

NIT Surat. KVPY Scholar

Led Data Science teams for a billion dollar unicorn

India Chapter Leader at Datakind

Sameer Pallav Sahu


NIT Rourkela


Node.js 'nuff said

Yashveer Rana

Co-founder & CTO

NIT Rourkela

Jack of all trades. Master of some

Written by Data Scientist

For small little spends, we compare prices to save few hundreds but when it comes to one year of incoming money (i.e Annual Pay/CTC) there are no elaborate data points to negotiate well, so effectively we are being pennywise and pound foolish..

Written by Software Developer

No average salaries. No broad ranges. 100% Real. 100% FREE. As accurate as a monthly pay slip. More Importantly, I am not interested in how much Google pays but rather how much my friend who works at Google makes. Given the elaborate background of college, skills, graduation year etc, the site is spot on!

Written by Management Consultant

Switch feature is brilliant, It helps me determine the brand value of any firm by looking at quality of the peer group; i.e from which all firms/schools have people moved to this firm. Like how starting as a fresher we used to look at Day0 companies.

Written by Engineering Manager

Envy feature has the potential to hack the over-priced higher education issue. I’ve seen numerous of my friends resort to MBA just for placement services of dream-jobs.

Written by VP at an unicorn

360 degree - Rate your co-workers anonymously feature is an honest attempt in knowing about people & thereby firm culture. When phony recommendations are written out of obligation, 360 gives the much needed balanced perspective.

Written by Product Manager

Anybody who ever left from Microsoft [for Amazon] we could count on them coming back in a year or two - Steve Ballmer. Switch helps in solving one of the biggest dilemmas we have while moving jobs. i.e. is my next job going to be worse than my current job?

IIM Ahmedabad

Profiled as a case study at IIMA on salary transparency

Indian School of Business

70% of the class of 450 of ISB Hyd used the site during their placements to negotiate better offers.

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Featured in Entrepreneur magazine

Economic Times

About our startup and our founder's profile at Economic Times article