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Why share salaries, is it even legal
Yes! There are even legal laws promoting employees to discuss salaries. India:Equal Remuneration Act, 1976 USA: Article 42 of the Constitution. This short video describes why sharing salary is for the greater good.
How is this data collected
Data is gathered from man, machine and Google Forms across campuses & alumni networks. Also via Contribute Beyond!
How accurate is this data

Each & every entry is thoroughly validated using Machine Learning algorithms & only then displayed to the audience. At KitnaDetiHai, We take accuracy & relevancy of the data very seriously to the extent that users entering fake salaries are removed access to keep the community clean.

How is this site different from other salary sites wrt salaries

One of our user has put this very beautifully . In other salary sites anyone can enter any companies salary/review without any authentication on whether that person actually worked there or not. At KitnaDetiHai, we authenticate users through a social login & that users can only enter salaries & reviews of firms where he/she has worked. In other salary sites, salaries are given against a company & designation with an average number & range, A range so wide that to move from one end of the spectrum to the other. Employees take years or will have to hop multiple jobs to get there All our lives we have strived hard not to be an average. So instead of giving an average number help us define more specifically why the huge variance. At KitnaDetiHai, we understand within a company & designation. Salaries vary hugely based on which school a person went and studied, years of experience the individual has, Skill sets of the person & unfortunately even Gender. We dissect salary across all this variables and display the most granular level data possible to empower the employees to the highest levels possible to negotiate better for their worth!

How many searches can I make before signing up

Every user has access to unlimited salaries for any one particular search term, which can further be filtered indefinitely. He can then proceed to sign­up and make unlimited searches thereafter.

Why Sign­up

With Signing in you get unlimited access to searches & you get to use sites features such as 360 & Dashboard and many other cool features

Why enter my salary

We are community site, which thrives on a crowd-sourcing. So this way we request you to pay it forward to help the Community grow We will suggest exciting opportunities at far better pay than your current salary.

Will my privacy be compromised

Never! Your personal information will never be compromised or displayed anywhere on the site